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Choir Kids

I love music. I start my day off with it and end with it.
Choir is one of my favorite classes of the day. Mr. Lawton is a very inspirational person. He always gives 110%, even when we as students are not as willing. He does everything in his power to make us be the best we can be. I would not be the same person without him and choir. Choir kids are different........
Once you enter the choir room either all stress is released or it is loaded on. 



Self Created Prom Dress

I have recently discovered how much I love art. Everything from fashion, drawing, painting, and design. I would love to have a career that is art related. My family always tells me how creative and artsy I am. Probably because of my spontaneous hair colors and my self designed and created prom dress.


\m/ [-.-] \m/ blue hair

I enjoy:
people. art. living life. adventuring. fashion. salt & vinegar chips. not caring what others think. irony. awkwardness. being amazed by the fact 'Dont Stop Believing' will never get old.

What I do:
fail at life daily. hanging out with cambria. make new friends. make jesus jokes. go to the beachat any time of the day. have no money. drive around aimlessly. youtube. pandora. school sporting events. get leg cramps while driving our manual car. have everything I say come out of my mouth the wrong way. texting.

I enjoy all different kinds of music. There is a genre or artist for every mood.
During the summer I went to Vans Warped Tour. The energy and people there were amazing, so many people in one space that enjoy the same music as you. Probably at the top of my "Favorite Experiences" list. I plan on going back next year.

A Couple of my favorites, in no particular order.
paramore. taylor swift. 3 oh! 3. hellogoodbye. boyslikegirls. celine dion. katy perry. red jumpsuit apparatus. owl city. a day to remember. kanye west. rocket summer. miranda lambert. all american rejects. attack attack. nevershoutnever.


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